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We are very excited to share with you some positive news about our company. As you know, New Design Group comprises 3 subsidiary companies; Ryan, Chorus, and Cambridge Park. Eighteen months before we were faced with COVID-19, we began the process to merge the three brands and become one company. Despite the challenges and delays this year has put upon the process, we are pleased to confirm that we have now successfully completed the merger and from January 1st 2021, we shall officially be trading as one company; New Design Group Ltd.

Whilst this will mean a much cleaner and simpler brand proposition, it will also dramatically improve our operational efficiency, the benefits of which will be enjoyed by our clients. For example, when ordering products from multiple brands in our current arrangement, it requires multiple purchase orders to be raised which in turn generates multiple order confirmations, invoices etc. From January there will be just one channel, making us much easier to do business with from an administrative point of view.

We weren't short of reasons to look forward to 2021, but now we are especially excited about next year and we can't wait to share it with you!

If you have any questions about the merger please do not hesitate to get in touch: info@newdesigngroup.co.uk