Firstly, we wish to extend our very best wishes to everyone that we interact with and their families. These past 12 months have brought into sharp focus what really matters most in our lives, the value of relationships and being around loved ones. Long may this continue.

At New Design Group the team spent the months during lockdown figuring out what the post pandemic office will look like and what its users will require upon their return.

There is no doubt in our minds that now more than ever, the office will be rooted in the value of human creativity. The idea’s that flow, those genius moments that only happen when humans come together unencumbered by broadband width or the clutter of the spare room.

This in a nutshell is what New Design Group is about. Furniture that facilitates, promotes, and enhances human interaction. So, it is with sanitiser in our pockets and unbridled optimism in our hearts that we strike out across this new office landscape.