We fully understand that certificates are a logical way of demonstrating environmental credentials, whether it be for responsibly sourced materials, standardised working practices, clean air standards or carbon footprinting. However, whilst we are in the process of obtaining relevant accreditation from recognised industry regulators, we would like to shout a little bit about the other things we are currently doing.

We know that these initiatives won’t help us win projects or tick boxes but that isn't the point. As a company they help reduce our impact on the environment and we believe that counts for something.

We call it: "Doing the right thing"
This phrase sums up the state of mind encouraged within New Design Group. It’s about making positive changes that are practical to implement and maintain. Some changes may be quite small but collectively they are beneficial for our environment. We encourage all our team members to put forward their ideas for how we can improve what we do day-to-day to reduce our impact on the planet.

We believe these actions will resonate with companies that are looking for a manufacturer that is genuinely environmentally conscious:


Our entire London van fleet is 100% electric and we're introducing electric vehicles for staff with company cars.


Many companies have purchased our Dotty Cable Tidy but they probably didn’t realise that they are all made from off cuts supplied by our awesome upholstery team.


This year we are introducing a money-back scheme for our cardboard boxes. There's no good reason why they can't be re-used so gather them up after installation and we will pick them up* and pay you up to £5 per box. What's not to love?

*We will not send a dedicated van for this but re-route one of our vehicles already in the area.